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    Post by ExtremeJeff on Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:03 am

    1.) Glossary

    2.) Troop Guide

    3.) Defense Builds

    4.) City Build Guide

    5.) Revolt info ; Why Walls Matter

    6.) Dodge Guide

    7.) Sniping a Colony Ship

    8.) Tools / Links

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    Post by ExtremeJeff on Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:04 am


    DLUs - Defensive Land Units
    OLUs - Offensive Land Units

    swords - Swordsmen
    arch, bows - Archers
    hops - Hoplites
    slings - Slingers
    horse, horses - Horsemen
    cats - Catapults

    DEs / Divs - Divine Envoys
    snakes - Medusas
    pegs - Pegasus
    cerbs/dogs - Cerberus
    redheads - Erinys
    mantis - Manticores

    TS / trans - Transports
    FTS - Fast Transport Ships
    birs - Biremes
    LS - Light ships
    FS - Fire ships
    tris - Trireme
    CS - colony ship

    COTO - call of the ocean
    EQ - earthquake
    Pop / PG - Population Growth
    SS - Sea Storm
    Puri - Purification
    Chariots - Divine Sign

    General terms
    CQ - conquer
    HC - Harbor Check - usually with a small amount of flyers, checks what is in the harbor
    LTS - long term support
    nuke - large number of one type of attacker
    Res - resources
    Stack or Stacking - a large number of units in a city

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    Post by ExtremeJeff on Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:05 am

    Troop Guide

    Defense Only

    Biremes - Naval

    Best Defense Combinations *these are my personal combo's, others have different ways of doing things, play around a little and find what works for you.

    Swords/Archers/Hoplites – 2:2:1
    Pegasis/Centuars – 4:1
    Swords/Boars – 10:1
    Archers/Cerebres – 20:1
    Swords/Archers/Minatours – 10:10:1

    Offense Only

    Catapults – Always add 10 catapults to any olu nuke
    Light Ships - Naval

    Zeus - Best in offensive city
    Poseidon - Best in Bir City
    Hera - Great in any city
    Athena - Defense only
    Hades - Great in any city
    Artemis - Great in any city, best for defense though

    Even your gods out. Each city should have a different god in order to maximize favor.

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    Post by ExtremeJeff on Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:06 am

    Defense builds

    The following are breakdowns of each mythical build compared against regular DLU.

    1. REGULAR DLU - Swordsmen/Archers/Hoplites

    Guides Sgy08Uz

    2. CERBERUS Balance - Cerberus/Archers/Hoplites

    The Cerberus has long been seen by most as one of, if not the strongest, defensive unit in the game. As a stand alone unit, this may be the case. However, when one considers the population required to balance these beasts, they prove only mildly more effective than regular DLU.

    Guides XOme1R4

    3. MINOTAUR Balance - Minotaur/Archers/Hoplites

    The Minotaur is probably one of the more underrated mythical units in the game. Their initial numbers may not seem as good as say, a Cerberus, but they can be balanced using very few farmspace, therefore making them more effective than the Cerberus.

    Guides F7uanQg

    4. MEDUSA Balance - Medusa/Swordsmen/Archers

    Medusas are one of the better defending units. They remain relatively easy to balance and are more effective than the Cerberus and/or the Minotaur.

    Guides VIXhwr8

    5. CALYDONIAN BOAR Balance - Boars/Swordsmen/Archers

    The Calydonian Boar is really quite formidable for it's cost and is relatively easy to balance.

    Guides PUEcXgT

    6. PEGASUS Balance - Pegs/Centaurs/Swordsmen

    The Pegasus is considered the top defender in the game. Keep in mind that some units in this build require boats where others do not. After you have built boats to carry the Centaurs and swords, do the following calculations to arrive at the number of units to build.

    a.) pegs = (available pop)/686*8
    b.) centaurs = (available pop)/686*15
    c.) swords = (available pop)/686*346

    When balanced properly, Pegs and Centaurs make the strongest defensive nuke in the game.

    Guides ICznpCg

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    Post by ExtremeJeff on Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:10 am

    City Build Guide
    These are just suggestions

    Senate 24
    Warehouse Max
    Quarry Max
    Lumber Camp Max
    Mine Max
    Wall Max
    Merchant 10
    Cave Max
    Farm Max
    Barracks 10 (unless building Myth that require it higher)
    Temple Max
    Harbor 20 (minimum needed for CS)
    Academy Max
    Specialty buildings
    Pool (Always the thermal baths for the extra population)

    Because I try to build very large nukes in a city, I like to keep my population as high as possible. To achieve this I keep my buildings as low as possible.
    When first building a city I do get Senate to level 24. But after most buildings are complete and special buildings are built, I demolish my Senate down to level 14. This gives a lot of population back.
    My preferences at this time are
    Senate 14
    Tower if needed, otherwise no building here
    Thermal Baths always
    Quarry, Mine, Timber camp at level 30 or higher, depending on resource needs
    Farm, Academy, Warehouse maxed
    Temple as high as is needed to build the mythic troop for my nuke. Otherwise, around 10.
    Barracks and Harbor between 10 and 20, depending on the purpose of my city. Not all of my cities need CS capabilities so the harbor stays at 10.
    Wall maxed in Revolt worlds
    Marketplace between 10 and 15

    I am far from an expert, this is just what I'm using and so far it is working for me. 80 Cerb nukes, 65 hydra nukes...

    Build By Island

    +Wood/-Rock - LS Nuke/Sword & Archer Nuke
    +Wood/-Silver - Bir Nuke
    +Rock/-Silver - Slinger Nuke
    +Rock/-Wood - DLU/Chariot Nuke
    +Silver/-Rock - Horse/Sword/Archer Nuke
    +Silver/-Wood - Hop Nuke

    Nuke Basics

    What is a nuke? Simply put it is a massive number of the same type of units.
    What are the benefits? Take out the maximum number of the enemies troops with the least amount of loss on your end.
    What are the best nukes? That is based on how you play, offensive or defensive, and what works for you.


    Slinger Nuke: 1000-1500 slingers, at least 10 catapults, a decent (50) LS escort and enough fast transport ships to carry it all. This will do massive damage to an opponent when you attack them.

    LS nuke: 250+, these are what get your troops into a city safely, the more you have, the better your chances.

    Hoplite Nuke: Same as slingers but they can be used both defensively and offensively so it is always good to have at least one of these hanging around

    DLU Nuke: 1000-2000 mixed dlu tends to work best. Swords, archers and hops. If you are in a high risk area, go larger and don't worry about transport ships at all.

    LS nuke: 250+, these are what get your troops into a city safely, the more you have, the better your chances.

    Bir nuke: 250+, the opposite of the LS, these protect your city by blocking your harbor. I find these best to be used to snipe incoming CS's but we will talk about that more later.

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    Post by ExtremeJeff on Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:16 am


    There are 2 different types of worlds in Grepolis. Conquest and Revolt. We will focus on Revolt since that is what we are playing. Here are the steps to conquer a city in a revolt world.
    Step 1: Spy on your enemy. This is not always necessary, if they are not in an alliance or are a small city, then you can skip this step.
    Step 2: Send in a ls nuke immediately followed by a slinger or hoplite nuke. I personally prefer slingers as a revolt attack.  Time the attacks to be within seconds of each other to prevent the enemy from sniping.
    Step 3: Now that the city is revolted, there is a 12 hr. time period where the enemy can stack his city with defense. This is the first revolt, often referred to as blue revolt. During this time, you can not land a CS but you can continue attacks and planning for your conquest.
    Step 4: This is the crucial time during the second 12 hrs, referred to as Red Revolt, you have to land your CS. You want to do this by sending in both LS and OLU to clear the path for your CS. Time these to land within seconds as well. If possible, always send these to land within the first few minutes of RR that way if you are unsuccessful, you can try again before RR runs out. The person who initiated the revolt must send the CS from any one of their own cities however allies and team mates can attack and help escort the CS in. Timing is everything. Attacks must be within seconds of each other and well coordinated.
    Step 5: This is also optional however I like to send support after my CS to protect the city while I build up troops. This is required in Conquest worlds but not Revolt. I just tend to do it this way myself.

    If this is confusing to you, you aren't alone.
    Basically, to revolt and take a city you should do the following
    1. Clear the city of dlu. It helps to also clear any ships because you will have to later on anyway for your CS to land. It is recommended  to get a spy report before you attack the city.
    2. While you may send the clearing attacks as revolt attacks (you will have a choice when sending an attack if you have Conquest researched), it is simpler to send a revolt attack after your clearing attacks. Flyers are the best for revolt attacks.
    3. Now that the target city has been revolted, you have to wait 12 hours (in Edessa) for the city to go into Red Revolt. If the city is occupied by an active enemy, then repeated clearing attacks during this 12 hour period are recommended.
    4. The goal is to land your CS anytime after red revolt begins. Red revolt will go on for 12 hours. You have 12 hours to take the city. However, your CS must survive the takeover (send as a normal attack and include LS and olu to keep the CS safe). As soon as your CS package lands, and as long as you do not lose all of your LS/Triremes and all of your olu, the city will immediately be yours.


    Why walls matter

    City walls are the most important factor next to the units which will contribute to your city defenses. Many players when attacking ignore the power that walls add to total defense so please let me explain how important they are and if you are the attacking side, how important it is to send catapults with your attacks.

    Basically with walls level 25 if you hit 100 swordsmen you actually hit 242 swordsmen. Level 25 walls add extra 142% for every unit in the city! So with the Tower it can be even 152% extra (252% in total) against an attacker.

    Tower adds 10% and level 25 walls add 142% = 152%
    But if you count the whole defense you must multiply it by 252% (2.52) because its 100% (swordsmen) + 152% (extra)

    If you have 100 swordsmen, level 25 walls and the Tower it will be 100 swordsmen times 2.52 = 252 swordsmen. If a guy has level 25 walls and 500 swordsmen, 300 archers and 400 hoplites, then he actually has 2.42 times more of them so 1210 swordsmen, 726 archers and 968 hoplites.

    Lower City Wall by 10 levels down to 15 and its only an extra 70%.

    These are extra % not some constant extra few units, so the more units they have the bigger the difference gets. 1000 swordsmen will change into 2420 swordsmen! You can say goodbye to few of your slingers nukes.

    Therefore your priority is to add catapults to all of your land attack cities, then you have the option to send them with every attack. If your enemy dodges then it's happy time, as you have just taken out lots of units for free!!! (using our example it would be like killing 710 swordsmen, 426 archers and 568 hoplites). It’s called dodge tax - when enemy dodges your clearing waves he will pay for it by losing walls and trust me, it hurts.

    There is no magic number here, everything depends on proportions (how many defensive units they have when you hit) but as a rule of thumb have like 10-20 catapults with each 1000 land units.

    If a guy has lots of defensive units there (few thousands), DO NOT attack it - you will be wiped and even 50 catapults wont help, you will lower the walls level only by 1 or 2 or maybe even 0. If you are stubborn and have millions of troops to waste then quake it many times to lower walls as much as possible. I personally like to send my troops straight away to his other cities to destroy walls over there

    Catapults are very bad fighters and should be treated as something to be escorted (by slingers for example) so don't send catapults alone or with little escort. Basically while attack units fight with defensive units, catapults spend their time destroying walls. No escort = all catapults killed and 0 walls destroyed.

    If you keep banging the same city and not destroying the guys walls then you keep wasting your units. He/she is buffed every time you hit - take that shield out every time you can!

    Guides 444

    Tower + 10%

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    Post by ExtremeJeff on Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:17 am


    Why should you play this way, won't it make you look weak? No. The truth is that someone with more than 2 or 3 cities is far more interested in CP (Culture Points) than resources. So they're not farming you for your resources, they're farming you for your BP!

    If you fight, you're actually giving them what they want. Worse, the BP they get fighting you gives them the CP they need to conquer you, while simultaneously weakening your ability to repel their Conquest attack. Please don't do this. If you don't want to be bullied, or just want some payback, attack back. They're telling you everything you need to know to hurt them when they attack you.

    If they send 100+ LS in one attack, then that city is an LS nuke and may be poorly defended because of the cap on Farm Space. If they attack you 10 times in 2 days, you're going to see gaps in the attack waves of certain players, which means that's when they sleep.

    If you can attack them where they're poorly defended, especially while they're sleeping, you will do much more harm to them than if you defended against their attack. For example: You send LS attack to his LS nuke city and destroy 100+ LS. You get massive BP, you hardly lose any ships, and you've made it impossible for him to attack you with those ships until he's rebuilt them. This is much better than you losing 1 or 2 Biremes for each of his LS that you kill while defending. Most importantly, you've saved those Biremes so that they can protect you when someone sends a CS to take your city.


    Identifying an incoming Colony Ship is the most important thing you need to know if you want to keep your city. I will be writing another guide to help you choose whether to dodge or throw down, but in order to decide you have to know whether or not your enemy has sent a CS, because your city can't be taken without one. So here's how you do it:

    When your enemy launches an attack against you, you will get a notification at the top and on the right of your screen. This will tell you what time his attack is landing. If you've been watching, or have a build notice or something on the right that came in before the attack started, you can tell about what time the attack was launched. From those two times you can figure the attack's travel time. A CS ship is the slowest ship. Regular Transport Ships are twice as fast, and LS are three times as fast. So, from your city that's under attack you click attack on the attacking city, then put 1 in the CS box like you're going to send one to him (you don't actually send one, you don't even need to have one). The game will tell you how long it'll take for your CS to get to him and what time it'll land. That's it! If your CS takes significantly longer to get to him than his attack takes to get to you, then there's no CS inbound. If you really want to get fancy, you can plug different ships into your attack window (transport, fast transport, LS) and figure out exactly what he's sending.

    You can also worship Athena and use the Wisdom spell, but eventually you'll run out of favor or find that the attacker has already cast a spell on the attack that prevents yours from being executed. ...incoming defensive waves are also a give away, but they can be bluffs. Identifying which attack has the CS is critical so that you can report its landing time to your alliance. The CS target and landing time are the two most important pieces of information, and will help your alliance help you.

    Spotting a Colony Ship "CS"

    The earlier you realize you are under attack, the more accurate this is. Here is what you will see if you are attacked:
    1) You will see a big orange and red spear icon near the top of your screen. If you click that Spear icon, it will tell you where the attack was launched from, what city it is attacking, and a countdown timer until the attack arrives.
    2) The timer is the important part. First rule: colony ships only have a 48 hour range. So if the attack is from farther than that is CAN NOT be a colony ship attack. This is not case here. So lets say you have an incoming attack on your town and are not sure if it is a Colony Ship

    1) Make sure you have the attacked town (if you have more than one) as the name at the top of the screen
    2) Then click on the Spear Icon, then click on the name of the attacking town, then click "Go To"
    3) Click on that attacker city, and select “Attack”
    4) Screen of selecting attacking troops are opened
    5) Mark there number one (1) in the box below Colony Ship. You can do that even you do not have a Colony Ship in your city
    6) You see travelling time in attacking view. If this is about the same than attacking time, it is a colony ship.

    Please remember that Cartography, reduces travelling time by 10%, Set Sail reduces TT by 15%, and super building Lighthouse by 15%. Lighthouse is so rare that you do not need to consider that.

    Troop movement, and certain heroes will have an effect on TT as well.

    The issue here is that if Colony Ship was sent during your inactive time. You always see only remaining time, so if you are offline for 8 hrs, you do not know if it was sent 7:45 hrs or 15 minutes ago. It is important to check your account frequently when conquered.


    Dodging is an important aspect of the game. It allows you to conserve troops and rob an attacking party of the BP and resources that they're after. Often times, when they realize that you're not puttin' out, they'll move on.

    The Short Dodge:
    Load your support window with all your troops, destined to any ally or ghost town. Send them out, then call them back within the 10 minute cancellation period. This is extremely effective when you want to dodge one attack and defend against another because it allows your troops to move out of the way for seconds or minutes instead or hours.

    The Long Dodge:
    Same as above, just don't cancel. You can bring them back using the Agora when you want them.

    Overnight Dodge:
    I have certain cities deep in enemy territory where I can't count on timely support and I'm surrounded by people from Europe who are wide awake while I'm sleeping. For them, I've developed a special long term dodge that recalls itself. Same general principle as the Long Dodge, except I load up my mythical units and send them to a city that doesn't worship the same god. e.g. I put Medusa on a transport ship bound for a city that worships Zeus (or no god at all like a ghost town). When my navy gets there the game puts up a message that says my mythical units can't support a city that's worshiping a different god, then all the ships and troops I sent along with my Medusa turn around and come home automatically. If I send them 4 hours away, then they'll be gone exactly 8 hrs.

    So why Dodge? Mainly because many attacks are not attempts to conquer a city, but just to farm resources and BP. If you defend every attack you're actually giving the enemy what they want, while making yourself and those who support you weaker. Please read "How to identify an incoming CS attack" if you don't already know how to tell when someone's trying to take your city, versus when they're just trying to farm you or make you weaker. Also, don’t forget to activate militia and spend/cave all your resources before the attacks hit. It's important to understand that militia fighters do NOT give the enemy BPs... they just give him casualties.

    Sometimes, especially on quests you will want to dodge your OLUs out of a city, and defend with your DLUs. Just don't forget, and leave those troops in the nearby city. They can be attacked by anyone, even accidentally, when other peoples are looking for cities to raid, and then they'll just die too easily.


    Hide resources when you are dodging.

    You do this two ways. Early in the game, you should use the resources to build your farm levels, so that getting attacked and dodging in this way serve two purposes: building up you farms, thereby adding to your revenue sources, and getting your resources where they aren't swept away by the enemy

    Eventually though, you will use your market place and put them up in the market so that only your alliance can see them. When listing in this way, if it's a resource that you really need, list it the maximum trade cost ratio, so it's unlikely that someone will actually make the trade, but if they do, you will get very good return on your value. That way your resources can be protected as well. This is why so many players will build high levels of markets, for resource dodging. A high level market is also essential for end game in moving resources to your alliance's wonders

    If you cap out your market doing this throw down some resources in buildings and some will also be protected by the warehouse depending on its level.

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    Post by ExtremeJeff on Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:17 am

    Sniping a Colony Ship

    Sniping means to get an attack or support to land at just the right time so you have the best chances to sink an attacking Colony Ship.
    There are multiple ways to snipe a CS. I will add more information soon.
    In revolt worlds, the best way to snipe a CS is to land birs or dlu within seconds of the time the CS lands.

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    Post by ExtremeJeff on Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:18 am

    Basic, simple tools to make grep easier and more fun. - This is an add on to your web browser that makes thinks simpler and sounds a warning alarm when you are being attacked. Also gives you these fun things Guides Okok

    Remember when looking at the intel pages, they are all European so they are off by 24 hours

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