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    Crusaders Rules Empty Crusaders Rules

    Post by ExtremeJeff on Fri Jun 10, 2016 3:55 am

    Thank you for joining the Crusaders of Edessa
    Please read the rules listed below and post once you have read them that you agree to follow them.

    1. Do not go to the enemy. If you are here, you are planning to fight with us
    2. Check the forums each day and provide help to alliance members. Even a little support can help a lot
    3. Use templates when requesting defensive or offensive support
    4. Do not attack pact members without approval from leadership. Inactives will be posted in the forums.
    5. Do not make more enemies. Do not attack randomly
    6. Reserve any city you plan to conquer, and capture it within the reservation time frame

    There is one rule regarding invites. Please do not set new members' authorizations/permissions. I will do it. We have our forum tabs hidden on purpose to prevent mistakes. Doing this allows you to invite anyone you want. They won't see any of our tabs.
    Of course, it is recommended that you do not invite the enemy, which includes MoM and DoM.

    Please do not name your city with just numbers. Or like any of these examples.
    Ex.) 46-001, 46-002, 47-001
    28JL55, 89KY22, OI77T34
    C 001 a, D 001 b, C 002 d, G 007 l
    This makes it very hard for us to understand your individual cities and if ever needed, to list them or internalize them. Some players have city names that are beyond confusing.

    Please note that activity level is very important. If you go inactive for more than two days you risk losing your cities. If you continuously show as inactive and are not contributing much, you risk losing your cities and/or being kicked. With this in mind, I would say coming online at least every other day is a requirement.
    Please be active and communicate with other members.

    Please be aware that we do have a rule for ghost cities. If the city is reserved, do not attack it unless asked to. Please do not take another player's reserved city.

    Everyone has the ability to mass mail. Please use this if you really need the alliance's help with something. To send a mass mail: When you go to New Message, there is a little blue flag next to the recipients. If you click that once it will enter in all of our alliance members into the box. I tend to add something in the message that says it is a mass mail so everyone knows.

    Moose Warlord
    devil king
    Lincoln H

    Time is UTC-4:00 New York

    THEM TH3M D.O.A. Grey Wolves NEMESIS little silly

    Do not attack
    Black Sheep, Legion of Turtles, Retribution

    Our enemies are
    Fluffy Bunnies, Victorious Secret

    The primary goal is to build up our cities and to finish our Individual Assessments.

    Most of all, Have fun and enjoy the game

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